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Treasure Maps

Treasure map can be found while browsing aroung the site and sometimes won in certain games. They can be traded, sold in shop and auctionned. They are ONE use items, so once you turn them in they disapear from your inventory. Most treasure maps will give you items and some neopoints but most of the time they are not worth it. The only one worth it is the Secret lab map and petpet lab map as when you turn those in you get some neopoints and gain access to the lab that you can use everyday! If you are trying to complete a map and are wondering which piece you are missing this page is for you!

Spooky Map

Original Map

Space Map

Underwater Map

Secret Lab Map
This map gives you access to the Secret Laboratory where you can zap your pet everyday!

Petpet Lab Map
This map gives you access to the Petpet Secret Laboratory where you can zap your petpet everyday!


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