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Stay aware of the latest Scam

Here are some of the most common ways people will try to scam you..
If you find more ways people try to scam others please let me know so that I can put them here :)

Fake Login
Neopets blocked urls outside Neopets in shops, Petpages and Guilds, so the only way you can get to one is by copying and pasting the url (which must have a lot of spaces between each letter to even let it show). The last part must warn you that the page is bad otherwise Neopets would allow you to type it normal. Update: You have to enter your Username first. Once you hit Log In to Neopets, you will be presented with a picture of your active Neopet. If that pet is yours, enter your entry code to finish logging in. If you are ever presented with a Neopet that isn't yours, or if the URL in the Address Bar is not www.neopets.com you are not logging into Neopets! Also if you haven't logged in for 6 months or longer, you need to fill in your birthdate aswell.

Chat Scam
Some people say that when you enter your entry code in the message box it will apear like stars. Don't fall for this scam, cause you're giving away your account to the scammer. When you post your code the scammer will take over your account and you will lose everything. This also goes for typing your entry code backwards on the message boards, you won't get np or items if you do.
Update: Seems when you post your code, you will get a warning from theneopetsteam

Neopoints Generator
Fast ways to get 1 million Neopets, free Krawk etc are all ways to get you to a website were you must fill in your username, (PIN) and entry code. If you do this you will get registered in a database and the person can get into your account. There's no fast way to get NP's, you have to work hard for it.

Cookie Grabber
Cookie grabbers are one of the more common scams nowadays. Someone posts a board claiming youll get free NeoCash. The link will lead you to another page outside Neopets and that will read your cookie when you install the program and run it while playing Neopets.Or they use -disallowed_word- to read it from your computer when you visit the link, this could also be a fake login page or the "cannot be displayed"-page.

What's a cookie? Everytime you visit Neopets a cookie (computer file) will be placed on your computer. If you want your computer to save your entry codes, it will also be saved in that cookie and will be detected next time you visit Neopets, so you don't have to login. But when someone else has access to your cookie, it will also have access to your account!

If you want to be completely safe just don't visit ANY links which leads you outside Neopets or delete all cookies when you go there.But when you visited a page with a cookie grabber without deleting any cookies, go back to Neopets and change your entry code via My account - Edit Profile.

Another warning: if you downloaded a program and opened it, you could also get a virus on your computer which gives the hacker full control over your computer. He can do whatever he wants, like deleting files etc. Or it could be a Trojan Keylogger, which keeps track of everything you type. The scammer will know all your entry codes within minutes. So never ever download programs, and certainly not from people you don't know (even neofriends can become scammers, cause scammers never use their own accounts). Having a virusscanner on your computer is a pro. Also spyware is a way to get information about your computer, so you also should download Ad-Aware and Spybot to eliminate those.

What is a cookie grabber?
A cookie grabber is any browser exploit on another website that allows an attacker to capture your browser cookis. Those cookis contain your login information, and can be used to log into your account from the attacker's computer

How can I protect myself from cookie grabber sites?
The most common cooki grabber uses a JScript exploit that only affects the Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) browser, versions 5.5 and 6.0. This includes the MSIE browsers built into ISP software like America Online_ and MSIE shells like MyIE2. If you go to windowsupdate.com and install all the security patches for your browser, you will be immune to the JScript exploit. If you use a browser that isn't based on MSIE, you are already immune to the JScript exploit.

I think I went to a cookie grabber site! What should I do?
If you don't have all your security patches, change your Neopets password immediately. If you were directed to the site by a Neopets user, report them using the Automatic Email Form.

How to be 100% immune to cooki grabbers:
Use a more secure browser, like Netscape (netscape.com) or Mozilla (mozilla.org). Microsoft Internet Explorer has a long history of major security vulnerabilites.

Disable -blocked- access to cookies. In Netscape or Mozilla, go to about:config and change dom. disable_cooki_get and dom.disable_cooki_set to true. This will cause problems on websites that use -blocked- to set cookies for stuff like alternate stylesheets, but it's worth the added security.

Triple your Items and Nps
You will see these posts on chat rooms or they neomail you a link with the scam to "triple your neopoints and items." This scam works in different ways:

When you go to that site, you need to type in your entry code, (PIN) and username and give up an item or an amount of np's which you want "tripled." Well since you gave away your info, they can now steal your account and you're left with nothing.

You need to download a program which "triples" your items and nps. This program is like the "cheaters program" (see the warning against Cookie Grabbers).

The scammer wants you to send them the item, cause he or she owns a program which can double or triple the item in no time. Once you sent it, you will never see it back, cause you've just been scammed.

You get a neomail from someone telling you they know a way to get your Items "tripled." All you have to do is change your code into something else and it will work in no time. If you change your code into something a scammer tells you to, then you're giving away your account, cause he now knows your entry code. So all the scammer has to do is login and steal your account. Keep your entry code a secret!!!!

Secret Laboratory Maps can't be sold once you got access to the Lab Ray, this also goes for the Lab Ray. The only person who has access to the Lab Ray is the one who ownes all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map and traded them in at Games - Puzzles - Treasure Maps - Secret Laboratory. The Lab Ray stays on that account forever and is not tradeable. People who claim otherwise are trying to scam you. Also if you're trying to buy the Secret Laboratory Map in the Trading Post, be sure to check the name and don't be fooled by buying the Petpet Laboratory Map And that they are indeed 9 different Pieces!

Fake neopets Staff
If you get a neomail from someone claiming to be from the Neopets Team, for example Adam, then just remember that Neopets will never ask for your code. Why should they, it's all in their database. The only original account of Neopets which will ever contact you, is theneopetsteam. If you get a neomail from another username, it's fake.

Another way to see if they are Neopets Staff: on their userlookup you will always see something like this at the bottom:

Username here" is a Neopets Monitor - This means that they are entrusted with looking after the site, and given the power to delete messageboards and noticeboards.

Also only theneopetsteam (and some official accounts used for notification) can use the Asplode Avatar. Anyone who sends you a Neomail and claims to be The Neopets Team or a representative and does not have that avatar is lying and should be reported

Someone posts they know a Neopets Staff member who uses MSN, so you have to add her or him. This is a scam, cause Neopets email addies can be verified as being authentic and when you add the fake Staff member onto your MSN list it will say (E-mail Address Not Verified) after their email. This shows you they are not really Neopets Staff members but someone who tries to scam you out of your account. The also send you an email from support@neopets.com so you believe it's for real. This email is FAKE. There are programs which allowes you to change the header of an email, so it looks like someone else, in this case support@neopets.com, sends you the message. This is what Neopets said in the News section on 26th November 2001:

IMPORTANT - The Neopets Team will NEVER contact you over AIM or MSN Messenger to ask for your entry code. Anybody posting that is trying to get into your account. If you see anybody doing so on the message boards we ask you to e-mail us immediately, and warn the other people on the board about the scammer! Thanks!

You'll get a neomail from someone who claims they can make you part of the Neopets Staff Team. All you have to do is to go to a certain link (outside Neopets of course). First of all, TNT has their own Employment Page on the Neopets Site. You can find it by going to About Us at the bottom of every page. That's the ONLY way to apply for a job at Neopets!

Second, by going to off-Neopets-sites you can get cookiegrabbed. So don't even go there out of curiousity, but if you did, then change your info right away. And third, if that site asks for your info, don't even fill it in, you just gave them full access to your account. (sent in by kala92) This is what Neopets said in the News section on 16th November 2006:

Scam Alert! - No staff member will ever contact you claiming to have chosen you for a position here at Neopets. Monitors and other staff are not chosen at random, and no staff member will ever ask you for your username and code. Anyone claiming to have access to an "admin" or any other "secret" page outside of Neopets.com, especially one that requires your Neopets username and code, is trying to scam you. Please remember to never, ever give out your username and code to anyone, regardless of who they claim to be!

Changing your Email
If someone asks you to change your email into something else so they can make you rich, you're giving away your account. The scammer only has to fill in your username in the entry code-retrieval box and Neopets will send your code, and possibly your PIN too, to their email. Say bye bye to your account.

Someone might claim their email account will be disabled soon, put up a sad story about how they will lose everything and can't make a new one etc., so they ask if they can use your email. Since your email is now linked to that account you are going to get frozen for either gaining np on more than one account, or if that person tries to scam other people or breaks the rules, ALL your accounts will be frozen. Only use your email for your own accounts and keep it private. Some people might also try to get into your email in order to gain access to your info.

Fake Glitches
Sometimes you get a neomail saying there's a glitch in Neopets and you can take advantage of this. They send you a vague secret writing, which involves random chosen symbols letters and numbers, but in that writing you're asked for your username, (PIN) and code. Or you have to make up some weird line of characters for your username and code like 1 number or letter further. Example: If your username is Bla and your code 123, then it would be Cmb 234. There are no such glitches which can give you free items or np, this is just a way to get into your account and steal everything you have. And even if there were glitches in Neopets and you do take advantage of it, you will get your account frozen for cheating. So either way you lose everything.

People are asking for someone to watch after their pets or want to look after your pets. But in order to do that, they will need your entry code or want to trade entry codes, so you can "trust" each other not to scam (at least that's what YOU think). But when you do that you will lose the account, cause the other one has the entry code to get into your account and he will change the email address as well. Then you may think: "I have his entry code," but that's a FAKE ONE! So you're left with nothing: account gone, together with your pets, Items and NP. If you want to go on vacation, put your pets in the Neolodge. It's the only safe way to take care of your pets while you're away. And the same way goes for those people who want you to Neosit, tell them to go to the Neolodge. If they have so much money, they can spend it there. From the Neopian Times Editorial Issue: 234, 7th day of Eating, Y8:

Are you allowed to go over to other peoples accounts to take care of their pets that know you in the real world and have an arrangement? I know that the neolodge doesn't collect your freebies or make your pets any happier. ~ anonumus

No. Your Neopets will remain perfectly happy in the Neolodge, and you certainly may not do freebies for anyone else that is old enough to navigate the site themselves. This is sharing accounts, too, since someone else has your entry code and is using your account. That is also not allowed.

Free Accounts
Once a scammer stole an account and stripped it of anything valuable, they will often try to give it away or sell on chat boards. Sometimes the real owner of the account has no idea his or her account has been given away or sold. So when he comes looking for it, the new owner often is called and reported as a scammer while the person who did steal it is free to continue with what he or she was doing. Plus it's against the rules to give away or sell accounts, both the giver as the receiver will be frozen.

From the Neo Rules page:

You may not sell, trade, give or buy a Neopets account or pets for Neopoints, money, Neopets' Items, or anything else.

This also goes for users who want to quit Neopets and try to give away their accounts on the Boards along with their info. Once the account is taken, the new owner changes the code (most likely the same one as used on their main one, since they had to be quick enough to get it), but the email address hasn't been changed yet (or protected with PIN). So the former owner can now request the info which will be sent to his/her email and can now login to your main account. That's also a reason why giving away accounts is against the rules.

Sharing Accounts
If you want to share accounts with someone, you're also sharing your entry code, PIN, Neopoints, Items and Neopets. The person wants you to create an account to share it with. After a while you made a lot of NP on that account and that's when the other person steals it by blocking you from the account, cause he changed the entry code. Neopets can't do anything about this scam, cause it's at your own risk.

From the Neopian Times Editorial Issue: 232, 24th day of Running, Y8:

You may not share accounts!

Not with your best friend, not with your cousin from the opposite coast, or your roommate, or anyone. (And certainly not if you each already have a main account since that is multiple account abuse.) Parents who have extremely young children that cannot effectively play by themselves can help their children, but anyone who can read and navigate the site by themselves should have their own account. There are many reasons for this, as very often shared accounts end in disaster. Just think... One day your friend gets mad at you and changes the entry code!

Your friend does something bad and gets all their accounts frozen... including the one you shared! That account then makes you an accomplice! You realise sharing accounts is wrong, and you try to split it up, and end up getting very angry at each other over what belongs to whom. You gave your account to a friend, and now want it back, but they won't give it to you.

These are just a few examples. And really, it's just not a necessary thing to do. Accounts are free! If you have a shared account with anyone, please do your best to sort things out, and deactivate the account here: http://www.neopets.com/remacct.phtml immediately. Also, along these same lines, you may NOT give/lend/trade accounts with anyone either. Your account is yours and yours alone, and your only option when you're done with it is to leave it sit or deactivate it!

Someone offers to do HTML or CSS for your Userinfo, Shop, Guild etc, but they want you to give them your entry code or email address so they can put it there themselves. This is just a scam to get into your account and steal everything. If someone wants to do your HTML or CSS, then they should post the coding in a text area box onto their Petpage so the user can copy/paste it. Or make a picture of it by using the "PrtScrn button" and pasting it into a Paint program and posting that picture onto a Petpage of their own. That last part might take a little longer since you have to type everything yourself from the picture. Be sure to check it before you publish it on Neopets, cause it might contain something that could get you frozen.

Fake Places
This is mostly posted in shops and it says that it's the new Hidden Tower or a way to Dr. Sloth's Vault. If you click on the link it will lead you to a login page which asks for your username and code. DON'T login, that way you'll lose your account. Go back and report the shop. Same goes for links that tell you that Snowager or Coltzan will give you items every time, if only you gave them your username and code. Don't forget, there are NO cheats on Neopets to give you unlimited items, np etc, there are only scams which steal your items and accounts!

Using Hotmail
If you use Hotmail as your email to create accounts, make sure it's not the same name as your userinfo. It seems that Hotmail-accounts are very accessable to outsiders, mostly by guessing the answer to the secret question. To avoid this, make the answer to your question impossible to guess, use symbols, weird words etc... When someone has access to your E-mail, they only have to fill in your username in the entry code-retrieval box, Neopets will send it to them and you will lose your account(s).

If you happen to use Hotmail as your email to create accounts, and forgot to login to your email account for more than 30 days, then Hotmail will deactivate the account. So now someone else can recreate your email and gain your Neopets info! So always keep your email private and don't forget to login to your email at least once a month.

They neomail you asking for your E-mail and if you don't mind to answer some questions. This looks very innocent, but it's a way to get to know your secret answer to gain access to your email-account! So if you're smart, don't answer the neomail and delete it!

Renewing your Account
You'll get an e-mail in your inbox from support@neopets.com asking you to renew your Neopets account because of a datebase error. They want you to send them your account info (username, entry code and name used in your account) to a Hotmail account so they can maintain it.

This e-mail from support is FAKE. There are programs which allowes you to change the header of an email, so it looks like someone else, in this case support@neopets.com, sends you the message. Remember, Neopets DOESN'T use Hotmail and will NEVER ask you for your code. If you send your information to that Hotmail account you will lose everything. Ignore and delete the E-mail.

You can send an abuse report to abuse@hotmail.com with a copy of the email of the scammer. They will delete the account.

Using Aim
Watch out when you use chat clients such as AIM. A scammer is sending people links asking them to take a look at their 'artwork'. This image link is embedded with a trojan keylogger, so it will start recording everything you type, including your Neopets username and entry code. Do not accept links or images or direct links from people you don't know via chat clients. This could be very dangerous, cause he doesn't stop at hacking your account, he will then hack into your computer and start deleting files, etc.

Tip: Set your AIM preferences for everything at "Display Approve Dialog" or "Reject.

Someone might ask you to give out your email info in order to give you a free alias account. This is only another way to scam you out of your account, since he only has to let TNT send him your Neopets info to your email and you just lost your account(s). If you want Premium, you just have to pay for it, it's not free and it's against the rules to give out your alias accounts to other users.

Shop Contest
Contests are forbidden anywhere on the site as stated in the Terms and Conditions:

you understand and agree that you will not post or send through the site any words, images or links containing or relating to promotions offering prizes of any sort (including contests, raffles, lotteries, chain letters or any kind of giveaway)

Shop contests are against the rules. They mostly sound like:Whoever buys the secret item in my shops wins a ... (fill in something expensive),whoever spends the most in my shops wins a ... or you have to buy items to get tickets. The junk items are priced very high, so the only one who's making a profit is the shop owner. This is just a trick to get you to buy items at high prices.

This warning also goes for joining Guilds who have Donation Shops in which you have to donate a certain amount of np or Items. It happens a lot that the Leader deletes the Guild and leaves with everything, while you are left with nothing at all. Plus its against the rules.

The Guild Leader gives leadership to someone else because (s)he has to go away for a while. The new Leader is told that the members can still donate to the shop. Since the old Leader isn't linked to the Guild anymore, the new Leader is now the "bad guy" and gets frozen for scamming. And once again you are left with nothing.

Shop Scams
You see a trade or message on one of the Chat boards that someone is selling an unbuyable in his/her shop, example Earth Faerie Leaves, Battle Potato. You visit the shop and can't see the names of the items cause the dark background made it unreadable. The Earth Faerie Leaves are really Golden Ivy Leaves, which is a cheap Tyrannian Food item. Same goes for the Battle Potato which is in most cases a normal Raw Potato.

If you want to highlight the words so you can read the names of the items, press Ctrl+A.

Always read the pop-up before you buy something, especially when you can't read the names of the items!

Update: From now on it is reportable to have the same color background as the text color.

Right-Click Scam
The original right-click scam has been blocked. Now they ask you to keep on pressing enter when you right-clicked the item. This won't lead you to a secret place or getting a ... (fill in item), it just lets you buy an overpriced item. So if you see this scam, don't fall for it!

Ctrl+Alt Scam
They ask you to click on an item, push those buttons at the same time and press enter, so you'll earn a lot of np's (or get an expensive item). But those buttons don't do anything, you just end up buying the item you clicked for a really high price, so don't do it!

They send you an E-mail or post on the message board that you can get any item you want (they usually use a Paint Brush to get your attention) if you go to their shop, click on any item, type a word (example Neopets) and click enter. Like the Ctrl+Alt scam, you only end up buying an overpriced item.

Auction Scam
Since TNT introduced the NF only Auctions, people have been taking advantage of it to scam others. They sell a wanted and expensive Item for 1 np in the auction. On their userlookup they state that whoever buys an overpriced Item in their shop will get an auto-acceptance to become their Neofriend. After you bought the Item, they will reject the request and leave you with an overpriced junk Item. You have been scammed. Only go for auctions which actually allows you to offer without buying something.

From the Neopian Times Editorial Issue: 235, 14th day of Eating, Y8:

I've seen a lot of people do this and I wanted to know if this is allowed. A lot of people say buy an item from my shop (usually an over-priced junk item) and you can be my neofriend and participate in my neofriend only 1np auctions. They're usually paint brushes. This is a scam. Spending 10,000 NP on their bottle of blue sand getting a paint brush worth hundreds of thousands of Neopoints for next to nothing sounds too good to be true! And it is. :) If you see anyone doing this, please report them immediately.

Someone will auction an Item at an expensive price (around 100k more), then go onto the Neopets boards and advertise that he has a good Item in the auction and posts the link for you to check it out. But instead of giving you a link to the auction, they gave you a link in which you bid on the overpriced Item. And since you can't cancel a bid, you just lost a lot of np's

Trading Outside the Trading Post
Some people want to trade items, but say they can't use the Trading Post, because of a glitch/bug/etc. They want you to send the item via neofriends or ask you to buy a really expensive item in their shop, which normally costs 5np or less. Only trade via the Trading Post, that way you'll get the item you paid for or ask them to put the item in their shop for that price. If they want to sell it that low, that shouldn't be a problem. But guess what... they won't cause they only want to have your items and np.

Now they try to scam you with a fake Trade page. They post on the chat that they have a ... (fill in an unbuyable or something) and you need to neomail them your offer. Then that person neomails you a link (which looks like a trade link, but is outside Neopets) and you have to hurry with your offer because he will leave in a few minutes. When you go to that link, you will see a Trading lot, but it's a fake one. Just check these things:

-> The link of the page, if it doesn't start with www.neopets.com it's fake;

-> The name of the pet (if it's not yours, it's a scam);

-> The amount of np (he doesn't know how much you have cash, so it's a guess...).

If you do offer on that lot, your money will be deducted (the link of the offer button leads to a real Neopets Trading lot) and you will receive whatever is on that lot (read worthless item). That's why the scammer needs a fake Trading Lot page, because you can't cheat with items in the real one!

Dubloon Exchange
Some people try to sell their Dubloons for other valued Dubloons in the Trading Post. Like a Two Dubloon Coin for two One Dubloon Coins. This sounds like a good deal, but you're actually being scammed. For example: A Two Dubloon is worth about 3,113 np and a One Dubloon is worth 3,100 np (if you multiply this it will be 6,200 np). So when you want to buy Dubloons be sure to check the worth on the Shop Wizard or Trading Post first.

Selling Account Scam
People who are trying to sell their account, cause they are quitting Neopets, post this add in the Trading Post or Chat room : Highest bidder gets this account, don't worry you will get your NP back.

Neopets said this once about selling accounts: You may not sell, trade, give or buy a Neopets account or pets for Neopoints, money, Neopets' Items, or anything else. People who are quitting, don't need NP. Don't fall for this scam, cause they aren't obligated to send the NP and Items back once they accepted.

From the Neo Rules:

You may not sell, trade, give or buy a Neopets account or pets for Neopoints, money, Neopets Items, or anything else.

On online auction sites people may offer accounts or NP for real money. These are even worse then other scams since you are not losing real money. If you do, both you and the seller will be frozen.

From the Terms and Conditions:

The accounts, activities, items, neopoints, characters, locations, faeries, games and pets are for you to play with while on the site. Except as permitted by the functionality of this site, you can't sell them (for money or Neopoints), give them to anyone, trade them for anything (including Neopoints), or pretend you made them.

Selling Neopets
Since the update of the Pound you may now trade Neopets. This means 1:1 Neopet, not for Items or NP. So you can trade a Halloween Lupe for a Faerie Grundo, but not for a Paint Brush. If someone sent you their Neopet, you have to go through with the trade. If you dont, you will be frozen for scamming.

Some people might claim a certain pet is theirs, so be sure they can neomail you from that account to prove they really own the pet.

Adopting a Neopet
You just adopted a very cool Neopet, high stats and/or painted and suddenly you get a neomail from the "former owner." He asks you if the Neopet still has the Petpet and if he could have them back. Or he claims the Neopet was abandoned by accident and now he wants it back. I myself have gotten this scam a few times when I adopted my OWN Neopets onto other accounts. They saw the Neopet at the pound and were too late to adopt it, so now they try to get it by acting like their former owner. There's no way you can accidentally abandon a Pet, you have to click the button at least 5 times before they get abandoned (and even add a PIN if installed). Even if the Pet belonged to that User, you don't have to give the Petpet back, because you adopted it fairly. They should have checked the Neopet first before sending it to the Pound. And they should have used the Transfer option.

This is what Neopets says about abandoning pets with Petpet on the Pound page:

If you disown your Neopet all petpets will go with it. Once you disown your Neopet absolutely anybody can adopt your Neopet, there is no guarantee you will be able to get your Neopet back again if you change your mind.

Since the Avatars are released people have been trying to get them in all kinds of ways, which makes it easier for them to get scammed.

One person offers to start a pool to get the Item (example Faerie Queen Doll) and whoever donates NP will gets to borrow the Item to receive the Avatar. You can donate by buying overpriced Items in their shop or by trade, but afterwards you won't get the Item as promised. You have been tricked into buying overpriced Items.

From the Neopian Times Editorial Issue: 237, 2nd day of Hunting, Y8:

More often than not, item pools are scams. Everyone sends their contribution to one person, and that person ends up running off with all the items or NP. While you may trust your friends enough to pool with them, it is such a common scam that we've had to completely disallow it. Please remember this if anyone asks you to pool with them. You may be scammed, or be frozen for attempting to participate in one.

Lending Items to get Avatars is also a way to get scammed, since the person who borrows the Item, doesn't have to give it back, especially when the Item was "bought" with collateral.

From the Neopian Times Editorial Issue: 232, 24th day of Running, Y8:

Most people know the stories of a kind lender having their item taken, but there have also been numerous instances of a lender asking for collateral that is worth more than the item, and then running off with that collateral, leaving the lendee with an item they paid way too much for. Either way, someone is taking advantage of the other party's trust in order to knowingly rob them of items or NP. This is definitely a scam, and scammers get ALL their accounts frozen. This is why we don't recommend lending AT ALL. However, we know it's a good way for people to obtain avatars they wouldn't be able to otherwise, so this is why we allow it. Just know the risks you're taking and be VERY careful when involved in a lending situation, whether you're lending or borrowing.

Adopting Neopets via transfer to get Avatars is another way to scam. After the person transfered the Pet (example Grey Krawk to get 2 Avatars) and the other person accepted it, you could lose it forever. The other person refuses to give it back, which is considered scamming. Therefore always keep neomails about lending Neopets or post on the board for witnesses. Also see Selling Neopets for more information.

You can also get Avatars by playing games. A scammer might ask you to let them play on your account, so they could win it for you. If you give away your entry code you will lose the account for good, Better start playing a lot and practise does make perfect ;)

From the Neopian Times Editorial Issue: 210, 30th day of Gathering, Y8

Is getting game avatars for other people against the rules? I know people have been frozen for it but I don't know why it would be against the rules. ~ sparkyfish When someone offers to "help" you get a game avatar, the majority of the time they are simply scammers who are trying to trick you into giving them your entry code. Never EVER give anyone your entry code for any reason. They will definitely be frozen if they ask for access to your account.

Pinata Avatar scam: people have been trying to sell Furniture Pinatas for an expensive price claiming they will give you this Avatar. Only the Toy Pinatas like Vira, Balthazar, Hubrid Nox and Meuka will give you this one.

Sometimes people with animation programs will make fake avatars and claim they are "unreleased." Then they want you to neomail them in order to find out how you can unlock them. They will reply that you should go to their shop and buy (insert item here) then refresh. It turns out it was fake, and you just bought a way overpriced junk Item from their shop.

Some people are claiming that you can get the Titanic Giant Squid Avatar way faster when you own a Fancy Fishing Pole and are trying to sell the Pole for lots of NP's. The Fancy Fishing Pole was a gift from the Advent Calender and does no such thing. It's only a collector's Item. The Avatar can only be achieved at Level 80 and higher, so just be patient.

Selling Cheats or Secrets
You may have seen them before. The SECRET-scams in Userlookups. In order to to tell you a secret to get rich, you need to send them some items. Well as I told you before, there isn't a fast way to get NP, it takes a lot of work and effort. If you give Items to those people, you won't get anything in return. You will only lose NP and the items. Never pay for secrets on how to get rich.

Also if people ask you to advertise their 'scam' on your userinfo, shop, message board, in order to get a lot of money, you will get frozen for it. Use your mind when you advertise something and read before you do it. If it doesn't sound right, it usually isn't right at all, and you wouldn't want your friends to lose their accounts, just because you thought you would get np for it.

This is what Neopets said about "selling secrets" in the Editorial Section week 48 2002:

It is scamming innocent players out of items for something they don't even have. Anyone we find doing this will be frozen (if you see any of these, please report that user by using this form. If you really want to find some secrets or hints, check out some of the really cool fan sites or message boards. If it's a site/board/post that is really worth reading it will not try to scam you out of items, ask for your code or anything like that.

Another scam: people who claim to know how to make 1000k (or more) in a day. They ask you to send a ... (fill in an Item like Lab Piece or something) for a secret. Then they send you a neomail, which you have to copy and paste to send to others as well in order to get items too. It's just another copy and paste scam like the one in the userlookups, but you have to neomail it. If you want NP, earn it the honest way and not via scamming. You will get frozen if you send those messages to other people.

Someone could offer a Wishing Well Code for an amount of NP so you could get any Item. There's no such thing and you will only lose your NP. The only Wishing Well is at the Neopian Plaza.

Rare Item Codes
Ever since Neopets released (real life) Items which include Rare Item Codes, people have been trying to sell them for Neopoints and/or items. The chances are that these have already been used and are worthless to those who buy them. If you want Rare Item Codes, buy the real life Items instead.

You've been Scamming
It goes like this: you get a neomail from someone claiming that YOU are a scammer and want you to give them NP's and/or Items so they won't report you for it. Don't worry about this threat, they are just trying to scare you. If you didn't do anything wrong, then Neopets WON'T freeze you. They need proof before they do something like that. Just remember that everyone can report you, but it's the proof that counts!

Also check this helpful link (it helped me put this guide up)


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