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Faerie Quest

Their quest is received randomly while browsing the neopets site! When you get one you will not be able to use the shop wizard until you are done with it! Unless the training of your neopets on mystery island cost more than 1 codestone per course, don't do the quest if the item is worth higher that the prize of the codestone! As for the Earth Faerie don't do her quest she just feed your neopets! And for the Fountain Faerie ALWAYS do her quest trust me it's worth it! You will be able to paint your neopet any available color there is for free!

Fire Faerie

Light Faerie 

Earth Faerie

This Faerie keeps scorching her outfit and needs more clothes. In return she will increase your pet's strength.

The Light Faerie requires specific trading cards and will raise your pet's level.

In return for certain magic items, the Earth Faerie will give one of your pets a grand feast!







Air Faerie

Dark Faerie

Water Faerie

The Air Faerie wants certain beauty products to make her more radiant. In return she will make your pet more swift.

The Dark Faerie requires some test subjects for her spells. Bring her a model or toy and she will increase your pet's health in return.

Water Faeries will raise your defence for a price. They are hungry for knowledge, and if you provide what they need, they can be very generous.

The Faerie Queen

On rare occasions you will be offered a quest from the most powerful Faerie of all. Be warned, her challenge will be very tough, but if your pets are up to it, her rewards are great.


 Island Kitchen


This poor little guy is constantly rushed off his feet. He is the only cook in a very demanding palace and could really use your help.

"Ever since the Royal Family of Maraqua lost their home, I have been living on Mystery Island serving food to the great Mumbo Pango. And he is SOOO hungry, demanding meals every 5 minutes. Can you help me make his latest request??? "

Formerly known as the Maraquan Kitchen Quests, you need to buy items for the cook to make his daily special, when you get what he wants he will reward you greatly.

What He Wants: Rare food items usually

What He'll give you: Aquatic food, petpets, and battledome items.


Edna The Witch


Edna is constantly trying to master her spells, spending most of her time tucked away in her gloomy, grey-walled tower, mixing ingredients in her bubbling cauldron.

"Welcome to my home... I deal in magic spells and potions. Need somebody to love you? Want to give somebody spots and itches? I'm the person to talk to :) "

What She Wants: Spooky foods, mostly.

What She'll give you: Spooky items, battledome Items.


The Snow Faerie

Taelia The Snow Faerie
Way atop Terror Mountain lives Taelia, the Snow Faerie. If you want to venture outside into the snow and find her the items she will reward you most generously.

"The Snow Faerie needs some items in order to complete a spell she is working on... and its FREEZING outside! If you want to venture outside into the snow and find her the items she will reward you most generously."

Unlike the random event quests of the Uber Faeries, the Snow Faerie is a quest you choose to take and/or quit if the items she asks for are too expensive.

What She Wants: Taelia the Snow Faerie can ask you for cheap items like candy and some very expensive items.

Taelia's Rewards: Very rare "Snow Battle" items to worthless snowballs.  She has also been known to give out neopoints.

Is It Worth It?: Sometimes worth it if she asks you for inexpensive items. Forget the expensive ingredients unless you're a very rich neopian. There is no penalty for refusing and you can always try again later.  Taelia will let you do up to 10 quests per day.



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