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All About Shrooms

In the first few years of neopets, there use to be a small shop in the The Haunted Woods called The Apothecary. It used to be selling Shrooms, this shop was later closed and so the Shrooms are now retired. However you can still find some of them around neopia.

Here is a list of those Shrooms and their effects :

Bad Toadstool
Decreases your pet's hitpoints and makes your pet unhappy. Bloatershroom
Feeds your pet
Blood Mushroom
Feeds your pet Blue Healthshroom
Heal 1 hitpoint
Feeds your pet Floatyshroom
Feeds your pet
Green Healthshroom
Heals 11 hitpoints Green Toadstool
Heals 3 hitpoint
Level Up Shroom
Increases level by 1 Mega Power Plusshroom
Your pet will feel more powerful and it's level raised by 1
Pink Toadstool
Feeds your pet Poisonous Mushroom
Used to give your pet Neopox, now it just feeds your pet.
Feeds your pet Smellyshroom
Feeds your pet
Spindly Mushrooms
Feeds your pet Strength Shroom
Increases strength by 1-3
Super Fast Shroom
Increases movement by 1-3 Tealshroom
Feeds your pet
Ugly Mushroom
Feeds your pet Yellow Healthshroom
Heals 15 hitpoint and cures your pet from any disease.

Here are the Shrooms that can still be found around neopia (they are prizes for completing some of Jhudora's quest at certain levels.

Dark Shroom
Feeds your pet. Gnome Shroom
Feeds your pet, gourmet food.
Purple Spotted Shroom
Heals 3 hitpoints or increases hitpoints by 1 or increases strength by 1. Toxic Shroom
Feeds your pet.

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