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How to get a Limited Edition Pet


Have you always wanted a cute limited edition pet? Here's how to increase your chances. This works really well for Tonus because Neopets releases a few of these daily. I'm unsure about any of the others. This does not work for Draiks, Krawks, or other restricted pets!

1. First open up a new internet browser and go to www.neopets.com

2. After you have done that go to  All Neopets

3. You will see some pictures of neopets. Scroll down a little. You will see a list of neopets.

4. Check the bottom of that page where the limited editions are.

5. It will say something like (Neopet name): 113,885 (out of 113,885)

6. If the out of is higher that the 1st number, that means there are some avalible!

7. So then you go to create a pet. Choose the limited edition pet that there was more of and click where it says I have chosen my pet!

8. Also, make sure you check out this page when it's a limited edition pet Birthday, because they will release some of it at different time of the day!


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