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How to get a Draik


What are the ways you can get one?

Well, you could always buy a morphing potion... You can choose from...
Blue Draik Morphing Potion,
Red Draik Morphing Potion,
Yellow Draik Morphing Potion,
Green Draik Morphing Potion,
Ghost Draik Morphing Potion,
Purple Draik Morphing Potion,
Fire Draik Morphing Potion,
Draik Transmogrification Potion.
All of these potions range in very high prices, so save up, and get your dream pet!

What are the other ways?

You could always try hatching a Draik Egg, although with a Draik egg your pet could either be male or female, you dont get to choose! So use with Caution!



Once you have an egg, put it in your inventory, and the pet you want to be a Draik make it your active pet. Now once again, it the draik will be male or female, its totally random.

Now, once all of that is done, take your active neopet to the Draik Nest, from there, hatch the egg. And kaboom! You have a Draik.



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