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Fountain Faerie Quest

There may not be any trophy to grab but Paint your Buzz any colour at the Rainbow Fountain after completing a Fountain Faerie quest and you will get this cute avatar

About the Fountain

The Fountain allows you to paint your neopet of your choice almost any color available. What do you need to do for it to work? just complete one of her quest!

How do I get a quest from her?

She gives out quests like the other random faerie : RANDOMLY while browsing the Neopets website. Unfortunately you can't use the shop wizard so you'll have to rely on the Trading Post, The Auction or kind players from the Quest boards.

What happens when I complete the Quest?

Once you've completed the quest just go to the Rainbow Fountain to turn in the quest. The Faerie will say something like that : "The next time you visit the Rainbow Fountain, I will have a little surprise for you!" The surprise is the free paint job.

Do I have to paint my neopet right away?

No but if you get another of her quest you might want to use your first painting before turning the second one in :)

How do I know that the fountain works?

The Fountain will look like this :

And you will have the option to paint your neopet :)


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