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Codestones are Mystical stones used for training at Mystery Island.
There are 2 kinds of codestones: The regular codestones and the red codestone.
We will start with the regular codestones.
There are 10 different stones and they can be found randomly around the Neopets website and won at games like the Tombola and the Deserted Tomb or bought from players shop, auctions and trading post.
They are used to pay for courses at the Mystery Island Training School
Here is a list below.

Mau Codestone

Tai-Kai Codestone

Lu Codestone

Vo Codestone

Eo Codestone

Main Codestone

Zei Codestone

Orn Codestone

Har Codestone

Bri Codestone
To get this avatar, view your inventory while carrying all ten different types of normal codestones.

Now onto the red codestones. The red codestones are used to pay for courses at the Secret Ninja Training School. It is a school for pets level 250 and up. These can be won at The Wheel of Monotony found as random events, bought from players shop, auctions and trading post or created at Techo Mountain using all 10 regular codestone.. the outcome is random though, so there is no guarantee that by throwing the stones in the volcano you'll get the one that you need, that's why I suggest buying from other players shop whenever possible to save neopoints.

Now here's the list of stones below:

Mag Codestone

Vux Codestone

Cui Codestone

Kew Codestone

Sho Codestone

Zed Codestone


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