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Turmac Roll


The aim of the game is to collect as many berries as possible, some gives you more points than other.

Heres the list of all the berries and what you earn for it on every  level of difficuty.

I prefer to play on the hard mode because it gives you more points faster and depending on how fast your computer is, it's easier than the easy level! (that's my opinion) You should try them all at first and see for yourself which on you love best!








Now with twice the Snidd!!!

1 point

2 points

3 points


The Loveberry pulsates and twitches just like a real heart

2 points

4 points

6 points


Why, yes, if you tilt it into the sunlight and squint... it DOES look like a Chia!

4 points

8 points

12 points


Growing on the higher parts of bushes, this heavy berry got its name from its tendency to land on unsuspecting Neopets down below.

8 points

16 points

24 points


A berry of blackest void...

15 points

30 points

45 points


It is common knowledge that planting a fish next to a seedling will help it grow into a strong, healthy plant... However, anomalies can occur.

25 points

50 points

75 points


Yes, it isnt actually called med_berry_3 heh heh

50 points

100 points

 150 points

Juicy Berry

There is just so much juice in one of these berries, its liable to burst at any time!

75 points

150 points

 225 points


This tough little berry is treasured by many as a healthy alternative to tooth-decaying hard sweets.

100 points

200 points

300 points


This beautiful berry is actually considered a parasite to many farmers because of its tendency to steal water from other berries.

 200 points 

 400 points 

 600 points 


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