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Hannah and the Pirate Cave

Successfully submit a score of 150,000+ in Hannah and the Pirate Caves.
No cheat codes are known for this game yet

The aim of the game is to collect all the treasure chest and gems and get to the exit. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. The game has an excellent tutorial, so we recommend that you go through that first. Good luck - Hannah is counting on you!

Tutorial lvl 1
This Secret area is located towards the end of the level, On the last jump before you get to the exit door, allow yourself to fall into the gap, You will see a boulder get behind it and push it off the ladder to the level below. It will fall through the bottom floor, walk across it and into the open floor below and poof you have just landed in the secret area.

Tutorial lvl 2
At the very end of the level you will be on a platform jump across into the wall, and another secret area. Duck down when you enter and crawl under the wall to get to the gem.

Tutorial lvl 3
After you push the two boulders into the gap with the spikes, go hit the arrow box and run back towards the first two boulders, as there will soon be many boulders falling and you don't want to be hit by them. Wait until they all fall and climb up them. It will tell you that you need to restart, but you don't just continue up until you get to the top and walk into the wall, it will lead you to a treasure chest and the gem, keep walking left until you fall near the exit door.

Tutorial lvl 4
After you do the second dynamite thing it opens the floor so you can go down. Jump down and go to the left wall and jump into it to find this secret area

Tutorial lvl 5
Finish the entire level, but don't go into the door just yet. Jump over the door to the wall on the left then jump into the wall carefully follow the path to the gem if you hit it and run back toward the exit, you don't have to go through the level all over again.

Tutorial lvl 6
There is not as far as I know a gem to be found on this level.

Level 1
This one is located at the beginning of the level in the wall to your left just jump into it. You will fall downward, just run to your right and you will run right into the gem.

Level 2
To get to this one go to the right of where you start, and jump into the water, when the wall drops the second time on the left swim down into the wall on the left, it's toward the spikes, so be careful.

Level 3
First finish the whole level, when you get to the end, you will have to hit an arrow box that starts a bunch of boulders falling, once they all fall there will be a treasure on top of them go and collect it and then swim down and toward your left, at the far left bottom there is a place with no spikes swim into it and there's the secret area. at the bottom follow it to the right to get the gem, then go back to where you began the game then just jump up and swim to the exit.

Level 4
First go to the far right of the level and set of the arrow box, then hit the one that fall under water, but be careful not to get hit. Next go the right to get back to dry land, watch for the enemy so as not to get hit. When the boulder falls push it under the arrow box, then jump on it and activate the box. Now go back to the far left of the level and wait for the boulders to fall then just jump up them to the top of the level and the gem.

Level 5
First jump all the way to the top of the level avoiding the enemies on the way, when you get to the very top there is a boulder push it off towards the bottom of the level, and every time it hits a solid level push it off again. Eventually it will fall all the way to the bottom allowing you to get the treasure below. After you get the treasure, head to the surface, now wait for the water to rise to the top of the box with the heart on it, bust open that box and swim into the wall on the right just above it. it will take you to the hidden gem. After you get the gem make a break for the top as fast as possible

Level 6
Again this one you have to finish the entire level before you can get the secret area. Instead of exiting the game jump up on the platform to the right of the door and keep jumping up until you get the a path to follow then just follow it to the gem and swim back to the door, as you will end up at the same place that you started in the level.

If you do all of the levels and gems up to level six, including the tutorials you should have 150,000 points and get the avatar :)


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