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Carnival of Terror


Select Size - Fullscreen - gives you best chance to hit small objects and stops you clicking outside the game window.  If you're going to double click on the clown heads, you'll need every ammo crate you can get, and fullscreen makes even the smallest ones easier to hit.
Select Quality - Medium - speeds up computer's response time.

When time is counting down and no clocks are falling, type the word 'custard' for more time.  It only works once in a game.  After the game, you must close and reopen to be able to use custard again.
When warned you're running out of bullets, stop shooting.  Save last few bullets for clocks, ammo crates and large, slow falling clowns that might be hiding them.  Shoot pies and first aid kits only if low on health and you have a couple of bullets to spare.
When low on health, slow down and shoot mainly pies, falling bonus objects and large, slow falling clowns that might be hiding them until you hit a couple of first aid kits.  Note: sometimes the health bar isn't updated...you may want to keep count of how many pies have hit you and how many first aid kits you've shot.

Make pies a priority.  They're worth 5 points each if you hit them, and damage your health if you don't.  If you're shooting stuff on one side, a pie is probably coming at you from the other.  Pies can hide behind other pies.  Several pies can come at you at once, sometimes from opposite directions, sometimes from the same direction.  Don't bother trying to shoot small, fast moving clowns, just follow them and watch for the pie.  If you see small legs at the top of the screen, shoot at the top of the screen quickly...you won't see the pie coming, but you'll hear it explode.  Pies move fast...if you're aiming at a falling object and see a pie, shoot that instead, unless you can afford a hit and you really need the object and it's falling behind a tent.  Falling objects and slow clowns will usually still be there after you've shot the pie.  With practice, you'll even be able to guess where the object is behind a tent.  Even dead clowns can throw pies...watch for a pie after you've shot one.


Shoot twice (double-click) at the clown heads. 
The scoring system is wrong.  The arms get you 0 points
.  Pies are 5 points, everything else is 2.  Aiming for small targets like umbrellas wastes time and bullets if you miss.  You're better off killing clowns as quickly as possible, but aiming for the belt risks hitting the legs...the clown shakes and is hard to hit, it explodes, damaging your health.  The heads are big safe targets.  By killing them in two hits, you get 4 points instead of just 2.  You get rid of clowns quickly, making more come out.

Falling clowns that are just about to land are tricky.  You may think you've killed them, but they can reappear and may need to be killed again. 
Play a lot.  Games that last over 10 minutes are rare...sometimes no clocks come at all.  I don't waste time using custard unless the game has lasted more than 5 minutes, though if you're just after your 1000 np and not looking to get on the high score table, 3 minutes either side of custard will probably do.


Guide made by whitedove47

Copyright 2004+ Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission

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