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Successfully make any purchase at Tarla's Shop of Mystery.
Take your Neopet on a Tiki Tour. The avatar will appear on the page after clicking the "Go on the Tour!" button. Try using your Active Pet, if a different pet doesn't work.
Purchase any mote rarity 70 or higher from the Brightvale Motery.
Available during your first (or second) prize visit to King Altador in the Council Chambers, if you have completed the Altador Plot. Click on the "Collect Your Gift" button.
Type the phrase :)*angry*:( as a post (reply or brand new board) on the Avatar Chat.
View the source code of the Buzz Caption Contest page.Use Ctrl + F to search for the phrase "buzz1", and then go to the partial URL in the HTML coding after adding to the beginning.
Its should look like this :
Everyone's URL is different so look up your own source code
View the Darkest Faerie TCG Card. Available from 10pm to 5am NST.
Awarded when your Petpet is turned to a Pile of Soot in the Petpet Laboratory. (Note: You must have the regular Lab before being able to access the Petpet Lab.)
View source of the Music page. Press control + F and search for "secretavatar" in the coding. Go to the unique URL that is in the code to receive the avatar.
The url should look like something like this :
Note that it is different for everyone
Catch a Titanic Giant Squid in Underwater Fishing.
Visit any World's Weather page when it is gloomy or rainy. It does not need to be Neopia Central; a gloomy day in Terror Mountain would work too for example.
View the Happiness Faerie in the Gallery of Heroes while using the I *heart* Sloth avatar. This avatar is only available if you have the I *heart* Sloth one already.
Win any prize on a Wintery Scratchcard.
Complete any training course at the Swashbuckling Academy.
Feed 75+ Kadoaties at the Kadoatery and then view your own user lookup.
View your own Shop Front while the shopkeeper is switched to Usul - Gothic. You will lose the avatar if you view your shop front again with a different shopkeeper.
Have a x10 or greater Neopian Times trophy and view your userlookup.
Awarded when the Lab Ray changes your pet into a new species.
Win any prize on a Spooky Scratchcard.
Awarded when the Turmaculus eats your petpet.
Enter "A384J-228P1" into the Grundo Warehouse.
To show the 10-digit box in order to get the avatar:
Turn CSS off in your browser. Go to the Grundo Warehouse.
In Firefox, you can do this with View -> Page Style -> No Style.
In IE, View -> Style -> No Style.
In other browsers, look for a similar menu set or look for the option to turn off CSS under Tools -> Options
Purchase any rarity 80 or higher item from the Clothing Shop.
Reply to any NeoBoard with the text "squawk". Do not post anything else!
Purchase any rarity 90 or higher item from the Chocolate Factory.
Randomly awarded while feeding your pet at the Soup Kitchen.
View the About Us page while carrying exactly the same number of Neopoints on hand as it shows for the cost of asparagus.
Purchase any item from the Hidden Tower. Your account must be 4+ months old in order to access the Hidden Tower.


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