About Mimi Designs

Mimi Designs was started in 2002 with the idea of helping other people who played on the website Neopets avoid common scams around the internet and fraudulent websites, by providing those people with a safe website to get answers and guides on avoiding becoming a victim.

Over the course of years, the layout changed and a lot of content was added to the website. Starting with only guides on how to avoid scams, guides for games and different aspect of the content that was provided on Neopets, graphics started being added like blogs for shops, backgrounds and eventually userlookup layouts. Coding is being provided for the users to use the graphics without having to make it themselves.

Being the only person working on the website, in 2012 the website updates lowered considerably because of a lack of time due to new parenthood responsabilities. In 2017 we are starting back to work on the website, slowly updating the website coding to fit in the new web requierements. The layout will be changed again when more of the pages meet the standard web requierements for coding.

In the mean time you can still enjoy different aspect of the website.

In the future I plan on providing guides of other games and perhaps offer web designs services once I am done with school.

To those who still uses and enjoys my website as is, thank you for the continuous support you show by dropping me an hello on the guestbook!


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